28 thoughts on “IAMA: Ron Paul | reddit's top ten questions (Part 5 of 5)”

  1. I know he might be out of touch on a very few things, but overall I wish America had him as President. He would have been a very good boon to their nation.

  2. It's not the same as tax. It's better because it doesn't distort market incentives. The user has a choice to use one of alternative providers (another highway, train, plane, bus, working from home over internet etc.) depending on price vs quality, and the providers have motivation to improve their service and lower the price.
    Tax funded state system is 'free' meaning there is no pressure on providers to improve and it ends costing more but people don't notice because it's spread over everybody.

  3. On the issue of light rail, I have to agree with Dr. Paul. I live in rural East Texas, and it's just not an option to use public transit here. I remember trying go to the doctor when I was in elementary school and using a shuttle system provided by the state to get there. We ended up wasting the day because our driver decided we weren't going to make it in time. That wouldn't have happened if there were a private system of public transit available in these kinds of rural areas.

  4. my 2 cents on transportation. I like his ideas and wish to expand on some. specifically highways. I'm kinda torn by highways/ On one hand they're convienent, on the other the run through cities lined with corporations and advertisments essentially ruining the city. I believe the highways should be run by state governments but I'm not in favor of toll booths. Highways should be free. Taxes would be used to cover the costs. Not increasing taxes though. They would go to your state gov instead of

  5. I'm from DC, even though you don't use the Subway, you benefit from it. If you drive in the city, you know how bad the traffic is, now imagine all the people who use the subway are now driving. Total gridlock

  6. Hope Ron Paul does more of these for 2012!! He got my vote already for GOP nomination, and Ill write him in at the general regardless.. but these are nice to see, and im sure it will explain better to others his ideas and policys :]

  7. @jhildeTheFree I have often said asking for a larger government to "protect" you from corporations is like demanding you assailant use a bigger club. No one likes big government more than big corporations. They get to use the guns of the government to force people to buy their products or bail them out after they fleece their own companies, or to smash competitors. I would say 90 % of government now serves these schemes, and have nothing to do with protecting anyone.

  8. @SepiaLatimanus But government is the largest corporation in the country. And government has military and police force. A corporation cannot physically force you to do anything. Any unfair corporations have, they get by cozying up to the government. So shrink government, and you automatically get "freedom from corporations" as you say.

  9. I'm not worried about the sins of the past like you are. I'm worried about today and the future.

    So tell my how to"fix" the road now that it is in private hands. The company has a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders to cut costs and increase the tolls (aka raise profits)

  10. All of your complaints are immaterial. This would be obvious if you were able to comprehend my response. I'm sure your privatized roads are bad. I do not doubt your measure of their quality, but that doesn't matter. Just try one more time to comprehend what I said and why it relates to your criticism of privatized roads. I'll give you a hint: they are likely not private roads at all, but they very well may be fascist roads.

  11. I just want you to drive it and see how bad it is. Your comments have nothing to do with the rubber hitting the road. What is reality is taht now that it is private, there is essentially nothing we can do to "fix" it.

  12. I don't think "privatized" is being defined properly. If a road was constructed by government and then transferred into private ownership, its creation and route cannot be attributed to free enterprise. If a government mandate guarantees a monopoly of "privatized" roadways, its failure is not the result of free enterprise. If an industry exist with a 99% government monopoly, it is likely impossible for any true private competition to exist, and the outcomes of those that do are highly distorted.

  13. Ayn Rand had a very dismal view of war in general. She was a strong opponent of even WW2 and the interventionists of the time. She also said that war is the second greatest evil that man can perpetrate, with the first being totalitarian government.

    Though there may be strong differences in some motivations between libertarians and objectivists, I don't think there is too much of a difference in the societies that would result from the application of each.

    Dont let the difference define you.

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