How to Schedule Your Posts in WordPress

Ever wondered how popular bloggers publish their posts so consistently? Do they wake up at 3 a.m or do they not have a life? In this video, we will show you how to schedule your posts in WordPress, so you can take a vacation and a good night sleep while having a consistent publishing schedule.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

WordPress has a schedule post functionality that allows you to write articles in advance and publish at a specific date and time.

The schedule post feature in WordPress is a lifesaver if you have a busy week, want to go on a vacataion, or simply have a rigorous publishing schedule.

Learn how to schedule a post in WordPress with 3 clicks.

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11 thoughts on “How to Schedule Your Posts in WordPress”

  1. thanks for the quick tip, Christina.  I think it will be more effective to write several blog posts at one time and then schedule them to post at various intervals during the week.

  2. Hello Christina. Thank you for this helpful tip.

    It will be great for new bloggers to know, but they will be quite frustrated with the procedure if their blog does not generate a lot of traffic. I say this as a new blogger (3-mo's) who just went thru the learning curve with this WP feature.

    Once I discovered this option, I began using it, thinking it would make publishing a lot easier for me. I tried to execute a scheduled publish about four or five different times. Each time when I came back to check, my post was still sitting there, with a "missed schedule" message in my post dashboard.

    The last time it happened, which was just last week, I did some research and found out this is an inevitable outcome for low traffic sites. This feature will work as advertised for sites with consistent daily traffic.

    Explaining the technical intricacies is beyond my limited skills at this point so I am attaching a link that explains the problem and offers one possible solution []. Here is alternative link [] to another equally plausible solution.

    You guys do a great job and your help is invaluable to us newbies. Please keep up the great work. I love your prices. (smile)

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