How to Discover Your Voice on YouTube (ft. Shenae Grimes)

HOW TO DISCOVER YOUR VOICE ON YOUTUBE (FT. SHENAE GRIMES) // Shenae Grimes has struggled hard and come out on top, and is now being contacted by brands, and growing a huge following on YouTube. She’s got so much wisdom to share on the subject of finding your voice on YouTube!

Shenae tells us how being on YouTube is so different than being an actress, and what she’s learned through her process.

The best advice Shenae Grimes received in her life will help you not only find your unique voice, but also live your best life. Check out my interview with Shenae in today’s video!


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50 thoughts on “How to Discover Your Voice on YouTube (ft. Shenae Grimes)”

  1. My take away is to always believe in myself and with what I can do. Being true to my audiences and sharing them my experiences on how I have become an Affiliate Marketer is something that I am working on so I can connect with them. This is very helpful, Sunny! Thank you for always giving great reminders. 💛

  2. Sunny, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you. Your questions are so insightful and I clean so much from them every time thank you so much. I really appreciate you guys killing it here and showing me who is really new that this is so doable! Thank you both for your energy!!!

  3. The biggest Takeaway for me was authenticity. It was a recurring theme in this video and a valid theme in life when trying to showcase your creative work and collaboration. Thank you for this podcast! 🙂

  4. I’m sorry, but I am very confused. She says she hasn’t seen the financial fruit from her channel, yet she has over 50,000 subscribers. I have seen several channels now who at 100,000 subscribers r quitting their day jobs to go full time YouTube b/c they are seeing the fruits of their influence. Is she just doing something way wrong or is 100k subscribers the magic number for u to actually make money on YouTube??

  5. Love this! I definitely agree that authenticity and connecting with others is really important. I have more views on my confident videos, in two months, without having a huge following on other platforms. This confirms to me that I am doing something right while being myself!!

  6. My takeaway was that subscribers/instant traction doesn’t come easy for anyone. For me it totally seemed like a reasonable goal she had as a celebrity to have 10k followers in a month! So if it was a struggle for her, I can be easy on myself for it being a struggle for me!!

  7. I love the advice of not watching other people's content to gear how you do your content. Right now whenever I am getting ready to film a video I find myself researching anyone else who has talked about that topic first – talk about a worm hole! It is so not productive! I need to give myself a chance to just do what I am going to do and not worry about how others have presented it, thanks!

  8. Awesome video and interview you got there! My biggest takeaway is keeping the authenticity. It feels good to be supported by people for being who you are and not pretending to be someone you are not. Thanks for sharing!

  9. LOVED THIS! I know a lot of people hate this but does anyone want to help each other grow their channels? Sub to me, reply to this and I’ll sub to you. Good luck with your channels guys

  10. I had to really think about my biggest takeaway. I think that the struggle that comes with YouTube really does affect all of us in very similar ways and that perseverance may be the biggest quality that is needed to succeed on YouTube.

    I am struggling to get to my first 100 subscribers and find my voice and my style for the type of content that I am interested in creating.

    Channels like your Sunny are helping me figure out why some of my favorite YouTubers work. I have watched a group of YouTubers that all play on the same server and some of them have grown to 2.5 million subscribers and some have stayed at less than 250000 in the same amount of time. I keep asking why is one person working and the other one not. Of course, both of them are still making a living doing YouTube, but it is very interesting to see what works for some and trying to figure out why it works.

    I also am fascinated by checking on some of the big YouTubers and discovering they don't do any keyword research and while they may have more channel authority, they have done nothing to take advantage of SEO or optimizing their content tags or titles.

    Take care and thanks for the wonderful content. I am a huge fan and think you are amazing and beautiful inside and out. Thanks for doing what you do!

  11. "Why wait until you have reasons not to?" Such good advice! Obviously you want to be smart about it but when you really want something go for it because if you wait you can do easily talk yourself out of it.

  12. Sunny huge fan great content as always , you're one of the very few people that actually get into detail and give real help which I totally appreciate as I have a fairly decent size YouTube channel. LOL up until discovering you on YouTube I have pretty much ran my channel as a train wreck I guess would be the most accurate way to describe it meaning I did everything wrong backwards upside down and completely the wrong way though if ands or buts so I've been slowly trying to implement what you're saying and trying to get with some of this techniques that you use and I have increased my viewership this month alone over 300,000 the video I'll put out last week did almost a hundred thousand and seven days which is never happened before so I have to give you some serious streak red for that but I need to get in the right path and do it alright correctly from the beginning so where would you suggest I start on your material to start educating myself to do this correctly thank you JJ

  13. Sunny – I know the point of this video isn't Melasma but I am making it. My doctor said I also had it. He suggested laser treatment or aggressive bleaching agents. I said no to both. About 1 month ago, I wanted to cut processed sugars for about a million reasons but in a span of about 10 days, my dark spots/patches on my face were about 50% gone. I had people tell me that my skin looks so much clearer and being on Youtube it's making me self-conscious. Anyways, fast forward about 30 days of no processed sugars and the patches are about 80% gone. Sugar is evil. I'm not sure about your diet but it's something to consider if you haven't yet done that. I had no idea it'd be so effective and was a welcomed surprise.

  14. I think the thing that’s influencing my voice the most is trying to record too many videos in one day. My energy definitely dwindles by video 3 or 4. 😆 I’ve found I need to be well rested and cultivating my own mood before I turn the camera on.

  15. Loved this! I used to struggle trying to be someone I wasn't and comparing myself to other people but this year has changed a lot and now I feel so much more like me and finally making the progress I wanted all along 🙂

  16. Great content, thanks Sunny! Still finding my voice, but slowly getting there, I think I need to put out my content consistently. Definitely the long game, content on YouTube is more evergreen 👍

  17. It's somehow comforting to know that everyone struggles to get their channel off the ground, even those who you'd think would no issues because of their status. Thanks Sunny and Shenae for keeping it real!!

  18. Hi, Sunny —
    First I think you and your channel are amazing! I've shared it with friends (on the last share she loved you so much that she said she binge-watched every episode!

    You're super-generous and that's a plus, too, of course! We're both considering your program now.

    I just have some tough feedback on this episode, I hope you'll take it for what it is, just another perspective.

    Mostly I feel as if the title is just click bait, sorry! I didn't hear ANY substantial 'how to'. I heard a lot of this is what it's like trying to be a non-celebrity.. and a lot of you gushing over her (come on, you know you did!)

    But I just spent 40 minutes (!!!) of valuable time expecting more of the amazing content you're known for and what I got was a crushing teen and an expectant mom who's a little too full of herself, IMHO.

    All I'm saying please think about how stuff is going to land with your audience. Titles and delivery like this erode the valuable trust you've banked with your audience.

    Still think you're the best YouTube teacher out there and we all really appreciate you!

    (BTW – I'm sending this from my personal a/c NOT my channel so don't judge.)

  19. I'm about to change the direction of my channel but am kind of nervous about it. This video was very inspiring and right on time. Thanks Sunny and Shenae.

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  21. G'Day SHENAE & SUNNY! My takeaway from this incredible interview with Shenae is to be your authentic self on camera. I have loved Shenae since 90210 and I watch all her videos and read her blog Lost in Lala. She is so grounded and charismatic. This is by far my most cherished VIDEO collab of yours Sunny! #BOSSCLUB

  22. Hey Suuny! I am so happy to have found you. I am getting serious about YouTube and I found you by searching for “how feel comfortable in front of the camera”. I’m always the one taking pics and video. Love what you’re doing. Keep up the great content. You really make a difference. Isn’t that what it’s all about! #BOSSCLUB

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