Ask AdWords – Location Targeting

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Amanda and Patrick are back with another Location based AskAdWords episode. This time they answer the question: is there any benefit to run separate campaigns for different cities?


4 thoughts on “Ask AdWords – Location Targeting”

  1. Is there a good reason to run separate campaigns for 1 location? For example, if I have a business in Tulsa, OK and I am selling 1-on-1 counsel for the same type of client BUT they have different needs…like some feel they need help with communication, some feel they need help with trust issues, and some feel they need help preparing for marriage…would it make sense to have a separate campaign for the specific need?

  2. How about targeting different neighbourhoods/zips with in a curtain city? does these locations need their own ads for each location? or if it's within a curtain city i can run any amount of locations WITHIN that city with the same set of ads? what's most efficient? thank you.

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