Advanced Targeting on LinkedIn Ads with AJ Wilcox

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Hi, I’m AJ Wilcox. I am a LinkedIn ads expert and founder of We are an ad agency that only handles LinkedIn ads. I get asked a lot about how do I use audience targeting on LinkedIn ads to get better performance as well as lower costs, so I want to show you that today.

Anytime someone asks me about how to target an audience, I immediately think I need to break this audience into two different pieces. Number one, I need to understand who the individual is. Number two, I need to understand what type of organization they are at. If you just told me that you target CFOs, for instance, Chief Financial Officers and your product costs $12 hundred a month, I can tell you that a CFO of a two-person company will likely not be able to afford your product or service. It helps to understand what size of organization would actually have the budget to sell your product to a CFO.

The company side is not too difficult. The targeting facets that we get on LinkedIn are going to be things like your company name for account-based marketing, your company size, and company industry. Those tend to be pretty standard across all of the audiences that you are going after. Where people really get tripped up is how to target the actual individual, and there are some really good efficiencies that you can get through LinkedIn just because profiles are incomplete.

I want to show you the four ways that I like to target these people. Now, there are a few more ways, but these are the standard ones. Check this out. Number one, we can target by job title. Number two, job function. Number three, skills. Number four, groups.


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