Should internal links use rel="nofollow"?

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Should “back to top” links have rel=”nofollow”? AntonioSo, Montreal, QC

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12 thoughts on “Should internal links use rel="nofollow"?”

  1. If there should not be any internal rel="nofollow" links, what if I have a link to something like /search/back which leads to a context-dependent page. It doesn't make any sense for Google to follow this link, because the page behind everytime has another content and the page also shouldn't be indexed by Google. Should I remove the nofollow and relay on Google that it understands, that the URL is context-depended and that this doesn't hurt my ranking?

  2. I use a 'safe filter' on a site which shows links as On/Off to filter content and this is causing google to interpret duplicate pages. Do you link rel="nofollow" would stop this confusion at google?

  3. Thanks for a straightforward answer, suppose say in a wegpage 2 internal links are pointing to the same URL. Is your suggestion will be giving rel="nofollow" for any one links.

  4. @JennyWrites429 really you think it's important that privacy page has a high page rank? So important that you are willing to sacrifice some of the page rank for all the other pages on the web site?

  5. @rimshot212 yes and no. Here's a gross over simplified example to help:
    You take the pagerank of a page and divide by the number of outbound links. The result of that math is how much page rank you are sending to each of those pages. The website with most pagerank will win the top spot in searches. Now, do you want to give it to external web sites or to other pages on your website?

    Yes there are tons of details that effect this, this IS an oversimplification.

  6. If you read between the lines you'll realize he's actually saying something huge. This is how they roll. Personally I think it's border-line dishonest, but I can't he actually isn't lying… But this is a heck of a way to announce that they have greatly expanded their policy of following no follow links and they that do it in a way they aren't going to disclose.
    Hey Matt, please stop jerking us around.

  7. Thanks for making this topic clear. I never understood why people used the no follow when linking internally. It doesn’t seem to harm things, and has a chance of helping. You mentioned linking to outside sites using the no-follow THAT makes perfect sense! I didn’t think of it that way, but you are right! I have watched a few of your videos and they are excellent. Your videos are right to the point, no fluff, and very informative. I am going to watch some more now cause I like your style.

  8. I always have the nofollow highlighter on and the amount of sites i still see doing this is unbelievable. Most of the time I think it's down to an SEO agency trying to sound cool.

  9. Matt said:
    "I don't know how to make it more concrete than that."

    I use nofollow for each internal link that points to an internal page that has the meta name="robots" content="noindex" tag. Why should I waste Googlebot's ressources and those of my server if in the end the target must not be indexed? As far as I can say and since years, this does not cause any problems at all.

    For internal page anchors (links with the hash mark in front like "#top", the answer is "no", of course.

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