18 thoughts on “How would you handle this interview? | #InItTogether”

  1. This inspiring video helps us realize and see so clearly the difference and impact we all can make on others' lives, and how our "careers" are so much more than a job. Love this!!

  2. This is not at all realistic. Don’t get me wrong this is how it should be but this is not at all how it is. More often than not, you are being interviewed by people who do not even understand the job role you are interviewing for, which means they also do not know the appropriate salary range, nor the value you can bring to the role.

  3. This is crazy! The exact same thing happened in my interview today!! Well…other than the fact that when my wife walked in the room, she didn't compliment me…she just scowled and asked me why I'd forgotten to put the rubbish out this morning.

  4. But what if you have no friends or colleagues or family and don't give 350% to everything all the time even with an 8 till 8 job. What if your people skills aren't phenomenal and god didn't come down to touch your interview?
    Why wasn't this guy promoted again if he was this good?

  5. Doesnt happen to many. Good things sometimes still happen to good people. He is one of them. With the attitudes in the comments, I wouldnt bother interviewing some of you.

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