29 thoughts on “How to Make Sure Your Website Code Validates and Looks Same in Browsers”

  1. @mrRapkis

    000webhost*dot*c0m is using my last few lines of my code and because of it, the site doesn't validate… I NEED to fix that 🙁 but how?

  2. the W3C found 3 errors in my site. On: Line 47, Column 78 then on Line 48, Column 10 and then on Line 47 … BUT I don't even have those lines on my index or any other page. Could you help?

  3. You really should test sites with internet explorer. any veteran should know that. internet explorer is the most likely to look ugly if your code isn't extremely specific. of course this shouldn't be a problem for a good veteran, just us crappy ones who don't benefit from our experience.

  4. Well at least this vid has some great comments well doe guys lets give Adam the comments and ratings he deserves lets get him further up in the ranks i mean he could carry on doing app tuts but he has took his time to show you guys (beginners) the right way to build a website so lets give Adam back what he gives us so RATE and COMMENT good guys. sorry for that bro and here is 5 * at you homie if it was rating it at percent i would give you 110 or more lol you ROCK dude

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