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Are you producing long-form video on Facebook? This episode of the Journey explores what went down “behind the scenes” when the team at Social Media Examiner canceled three Facebook shows. What do they discover? How do they react? Watch as the team rapidly makes change.

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42 thoughts on “Goodbye Facebook Video, The Journey, Episode 12, Season 2”

  1. Maybe it shouldn't be surprising that these platforms (not just FB) would present the analytics at a surface level to the end user (i.e. customer) that would benefit the platform. But the truth doesn't become apparent until you dig into it a bit more.

    "play in the sandbox" and "not build on rented land" are 2 phrases that come to mind when watching this episode.

    "Play in the sandbox" meaning that use the etiquette/behavior of the platform in the way it's meant to be (i.e. your highway analogy, Mike, is perfect) to then drive those eyes where you want. "Not build on rented land" means to drive your leads and customers to where you have control

  2. @2:05 dare their not watching The Journey –

    Viewers feedback: your Facebook videos we're often very repetitive, they didn't move along fast enough, you didn't move the story along fast enough but kept repeating previous episode clips, and the way you used to Cliff hangers (sucked)

    There for my assessment is that Facebook is partly to blame and also your production is part of the blame. not creating compelling content was partially to blame

  3. Unless it is live, long-form video just does not perform for us on Facebook. Not to mention, most of those viewers are never turning on the sound. They may see three seconds – that adds no value to our clients and is certainly not yielding any ROI. Not worth the effort. However, we have found that a short 6-15 sec teaser to a youtube video series is yielding some pretty good CTRs, and our featured YouTube playlist is outperforming the other content on the channel. We will probably move forward with this strategy in the future, at least until the data says something else.

  4. This is super interesting to me because I received another email from a reputable blogger and social media guru who said Facebook Live videos were doing really well for her and the one main reason she is staying on Facebook. So, is there a difference between sharing an uploaded video vs doing a Facebook Live?

  5. This nothing new. Facebook has always be about quick content – would be different if the browse while watching video was not as glitchy and allowing people to watch and browse.

    People go to YouTube to watch videos – hence why videos of all lengths work on YouTube.

  6. I feel your pain. My clients have long form content and it is a waste to put it up on Facebook anymore. Even Facebook Live isn't getting the traction and we are going to have a strategy meeting today so I am THRILLED I got your email on this. Thanks for keeping us informed!

  7. As a business writer (, I don't know why B2B businesses use FB. I have companies trying to sell me on the idea of using FB for marketing and advertising every day, including your's Michael, but it has no interest for me. Maybe it will in the future, but I mostly try to avoid it even in my personal use.

  8. So interesting and, from a consumer's perspective, totally makes sense. If I want to sit down and absorb information, I'm going to look for it on YouTube. If it's on Facebook I pretty much assume that it's going to be garbage so I keep scrolling unless it's been recommended by a friend (but then, only cute animal videos are actually worthy of shares!).

  9. FB is a highway, not a destination. Thanks for sharing your journey. Beyond the advice, it's so comforting to hear the we aren't alone with our sleepless nice, churning our businesses. YouTube here we come. ~Sue Borison, editor, Your Teen for Parents

  10. I read your content regularly and I learn a LOT from you guys about marketing on facebook but I actually hardly ever SEE you on Facebook. I get notifications theat you go live on facebook but I just cant concentrate to watch it inside the platform, after 2 minutes I start scrolling down and get distracted. What helps me connect with you and stay up to date is the good old newsletter. I open your weekly email and click on the article I like, move to your website and then just spend half an hour reading all the new content. So basically email is the channel that helps you reach me. You're right Mike, FB is like a highway, while being there we are kind of preconditioned to scroll down, so any video longer than a minute watched inside the platform makes us feel impatient. Surprisingly, when I happen to open the video in a new tab and actually LEAVE fb platform, I take my time and I get engaged with the content. So yeah, based on my personal experience and seeing I'm not alone in it, I would say that platforms like facebook or IG that are designed to "scoll down"/rapidly browse the content and take in as much as possible, are not the best channels to publish and watch longer video content. If Facebook wants us to use it to watch content without leaving the platform, they should redesign it to create a separate space for slowed down content assimilation that is not inside the main wall.

  11. If this is the case … and indeed the direction goes to YouTube … How should I advertise to thousands of my Facebook followers? By Link to YouTube? Facebook will certainly not publish the post … So what do you think the solution to the exposure of the video in YouTube – via Facebook?

  12. I converse with people on FB ……. BUT ….I watch You Tube…for hours per week…. only thing I watch om FB and it is not often but really short 15 -20 sec sales videos or funny stuff….thats all. Their algos have put big dents in small biz reach at least that is what I have seen from a few of my close friends as a lot of their subscribers do not see their posts and it has been that way now for over 6 months.

  13. This has been such an interesting journey to watch you guys take… seeing the behind the scenes of your thoughts around video on FB is so valuable to many. I also love seeing that you're now using short, teaser vids on FB driving traffic back to YT for the full episode. Such a good strategy and one we use often with our clients. Hey Mike – I'd love to dive deeper into this with you on the Engage Video Marketing Podcast if you're keen! Question – what's the engagement & retention been like on your FB teaser vids for The Journey?

  14. I had a feeling the novelty of FB video would go away. I love learning about why we do what we do! FB is my wind down time to see what friends are up to (In other words, I’m not in learning mode ;-p). I love SME and I ended up commenting here with the starting point of my email. Thank you for your content!

  15. I can tell you one big reason I don't consume long-form content on FB and it's because FB makes it nearly impossible for me to do anything else while I do.

    Sure you can minimize a FB "live" or long-form video and stay inside the FB ecosystem (and still scroll) but otherwise, you're stuck on the video. Which sucks if it's not visually stimulating or I don't have a reason to watch what's happening.

    On Youtube (I'm a paid Youtube Red subscriber) I can minimize the Youtube app while I do other things or just close my phone altogether and listen to whatever training I want. This is impossible to do with Facebook because the second you move away from the video (even just to read comments) it shuts down.

    Notice also I'm talking about use from my phone which is how I consume probably 90% of my video content and not from my Mac book.

  16. Remember me Mike from Vidcon. You know how I hate The Journey but this is making me laugh at your pain. I know how you feel. lol. Welcome to Youtube! A more frustrating beast. lol.

  17. You really should be creating trailers on social that will point to your Youtube or web. The way that traditional TV media would leave cliffhangers for their show that week. That has quickly become the standard in video editing for me, create the content and then a 20 second clickbait version.

  18. I work for Circle Pines Center and we produce a music festival, Buttermilk Jamboree. Last year, I noticed that the headlining bands that I was scouting were only using 10 second snippets of their performances. Later, looking at the videos that I was producing, I recognized their strategy to get viewers through I higher percentage of their total video and keep themselves higher in the algorithm. How, and whether it's worth, dissecting your message to create 10 second content, is a question that I don't yet have an answer to.

  19. I totally agree with you. When I want to watch a video, I always go to YouTube… not to watch just any video, but a video that solves a specific problem. YouTube not only has so much video to learn from, but I can actually SEARCH FOR EXACTLY what I need to see. THAT, my friend, is the HUGEST problem with long form content of ANY KIND on Facebook. A very short shelf life and no way to find it when I know I need it. Kudos, Michael!

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