27 thoughts on “Do tag clouds help or hinder SEO?”

  1. Tag clouds can be very risky. Instead of using one, you'd be better off using the space for other more important things like social sharing buttons, featured content, post by categories, etc…

  2. Great info! But just to be clear. Is it better to group multiple posts under a single tag, effectively getting the same results as using a subcategory, or is it better to give every post a specific tag? I noticed that specific tags are getting me noticed better in Google, but of course I don't want to get penalized for using to many of them 🙂

  3. Tag Clouds = Style over Substance.

    Of course there's a penalty. I personally never liked them. Especially the JavaScript or flash ones. Stupid trend that appears to be over anyway.

  4. thanks I was just wondering to use them or not – and this totally made me decide they are stupid. You are best to link your site as Mat said in ways you control where you want the flow to go to instead of just mirroring what is already there on the page.

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