#WomenCreate – Grace Hopper 2018

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“Be bold, and dream big.”

you could check here Over and over we heard these words; whispered to students in interviews and spoken loudly on stage to a crowd of cheers. The largest gathering of women technologists in the world brought 20,000 to Houston for the Grace Hopper Celebration this week. We came together to celebrate women in tech and to meet women who want to join our teams at Facebook. This year we had speakers on the stage, recruiters on the ground, mentors to learn from and a new class of scholars – a group of 50 incredible women who we sponsored to attend, to cultivate relationships, empower each other, and connect with Facebook mentors to prepare for a future in tech.

Those we’ve hired from Grace Hopper in the past returned to share knowledge, and seasoned technologists shared words of advice – from how to build more diverse and accessible tech to encouraging each other to explore new paths, even when you’re the only person who looks like you.

This is what women in technology looks like. This is the future of tech.

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  2. I am emailing you daily but no one is replying me. Please reactivate my account, Facebook team disabled it without my mistake. My all pictures and videos r there. You people are torturing me mentally and this is against humanity and human rights.

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