The Lead Generation Team with Recruitee’s Chief Growth Officer | Building a Team for Growth 2

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Welcome to episode two of our Building a Team for Growth series! Don’t forget to download your guide to building a Lead Generation Team here:

can i buy topamax over the counter in spain In the last episode, we looked at the Generic Growth Team, but this time we’re going to focus on the Lead Generation Team, and examine how it can help you to grow your business and form an integral part of your growth marketing and sales strategies!

During a Q&A with Chief Growth Officer of Recruitee, we examine how the Lead Generation Team can be built for growth in order to optimise either b2c or b2b lead generation. We’ll look at how building a team specifically for lead generation can help the relationship between the sales teams, marketing teams and growth teams and examine how, once you close the deal, that’s when a lot of growth really starts.

We’ll also give some examples of the types of situations that require Lead Generation Teams and salespeople to implement consultative selling techniques.

Building a team to encourage company growth starts with the generic Growth Team, but this series will cover 5 types of growth teams:

The Generic Growth Team (check here for the video: )
The Lead Generation Team (that’s this one!)
The Retention Team
The Performance Marketing Team
The Corporate Growth Team

Ready to growth hack your company and grow your business fast? Keep an eye out for the next episode of Building a Team for Growth!


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10 thoughts on “The Lead Generation Team with Recruitee’s Chief Growth Officer | Building a Team for Growth 2”

  1. It also can be called "Customer Success Strategy" It started with SaaS companys, but it has been evolve to others segments of a product or service. The hourglass represents a lot this, I just realize on this video. Thanks for sharing the analogy.

  2. Cool video! Whether an offline or online product, service or SaaS, sales and marketing are two sides of the same coin. Especially if you target a B2B audience. Lead generation and management is one of the greatest challenges. Along with a client of mine, we target hotels in the US to have them support our service (free, no cost for them). One thing is to generate leads (challenging) and another thing is to manage them (nurture them until closing a deal). Salespeople are really needed in these cases. It is not going to happen only online.

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