Is Growth Hacking Nonsense? | Ask Google: The Growth Marketing Edition

In the second episode of our Ask Google series, our expert trainers Regan and Catarina answer your burning questions about growth hacking and growth marketing! Don’t forget to take the T-Shaped Marketer Quiz and test out your own skills too:

Once again using the power of autofill, we answered a list of your most searched-for questions on growth marketing:

0:47 What does a Growth Marketer do?
1:29 What’s the difference between growth hacking and growth marketing?
2:19 What is social media growth marketing?
2:57 How to get into growth marketing
3:33 What are the skills you need to be a growth marketer?
4:10 Is growth hacking nonsense?
4:32 What does the growth marketing funnel look like?
5:21 What are the four growth strategies in marketing?
5:50 Which departments does growth marketing support?
6:32 What are the challenges of growth marketing?
7:29 Why is growth marketing important?

From social media marketing to market development, market penetration, t-shaped skills, growth marketing strategy, growth marketing funnels and the growth mindset, these guys really know their stuff.

Did we answer all of your questions about growth hacking and growth marketing? Let us know! We’re also looking for new topic suggestions for the next episode of Ask Google!


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