How to Tell a Story in Your YouTube Videos

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HOW TO TELL A STORY IN YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS // Storytelling is one of the most brilliant marketing skills you can have, and I give you 6 best practices in today’s training – How to Tell A Story in Your YouTube Videos.

buy finasteride and minoxidil Telling the story of your brand is the best way to create loyalty, engagement, retention, and sales. But how do you do it in a way that’s effective and entertaining? Check out today’s training to learn!


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28 thoughts on “How to Tell a Story in Your YouTube Videos”

  1. Thank you Sunny! <3 Your channel is helping me see how a good YouTube video is essentially very similar to a successful lesson. I've been a teacher for 15+ years but just now starting to create videos and using my transferable skills… your tutorials have been a tremendous help – I hope I can start putting them into practice soon!

  2. Boss!!! You are Awesome Sunny! THANK YOU!!! I had no idea where to start and you taught me everything I needed to get started and maintain a cool site!! Currently prepping for launch – making sure to follow you guidelines and launch with a well made channel!!

  3. Can you suggest something’s I can do make my channel and content better. I’m want to chart my way to branding myself and my business and plus how I live with a disability. What I do to survive

  4. Hi Sunny how do you know what the tease and the hook is for the video. I’m struggling with creating it and how to edit and put in b roll. I’m really loving your channel. How do you edit.

  5. I can relate to this. I try to make sure that in all of my videos people can understand me and I can relay my content for them to follow. Sometimes, I tell my own personal stories because I believe this way I can be more relatable especially when I talk about affiliate marketing and my online business.

  6. Thank you for everything you’re teaching!! I just posted my very first video on YouTube and I keep telling myself that these first ones are always going to be “not great.”

    I’m excited, nervous and honestly feel like I’m standing in the middle of downtown butt naked!! 😬😬

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