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Hello the Internet, and welcome to today’s ongoing series: Keywords to the Wise – all about best practices for keyword management.

My name is Sean Quadline, I’m a product marketing manager here at Google specializing in SEM best practices.

Today’s video is about growing the reach of your keywords. So you have some great keywords that are working for you, how do you get more of that glorious thing? There are few steps you that can take and we’re going to start with them.

So, increasing your Ad Rank is a really important way to actually get more impressions from your existing keyword base.

Ad Rank comprises of bid, ad quality and the expected impact of your extensions and ad formats. So if you want to have a better Ad Rank, you can increase 1 to 3 of those components.
It’s important to work on all of them, but sometimes, the quickest win for your account could just be increasing your bid.

A really helpful exercise in this regard is to filter your keywords by “below first page bid”.

This is going to tell you which keywords don’t have a high enough Ad Rank, including their bid, to actually appear on the first page of Google’s search results.

It’s really important to appear on the first page, because most users find what they’re looking for on that first page. And so winning impressions when people are searching and looking
for the results is crucially important. So filter your keyword reports by this, see which keywords are currently below the first page, and then you can easily increase them to the first page id estimate to win those impressions back in your account.

Make sure that those are keywords that you want to appear on and that will make sense for you to be competitive on those terms, and you can turn those impressions into something for your business.

One way to think about keyword management in your account is to manage your match types for growth and control.

So control is all about exact and phrase match, where you can control which queries are coming in and you can control the ad messaging,

It’s important for you to just know what’s going to happen when someone searches and that they’re going to match to the specific keyword.

Broad match will give you a great amount of control as well, you can still have all of those controls, but you also have a lot of chances to grow with synonyms and other related terms that are similar to that term, but not something you’re targeting already.

So broad match is a really good opportunity for you to
get more growth.

If something’s already working on your account, you can turn an exact match into a broad match and get a lot more eligible impressions for your keywords.

So growing the reach of your keywords comes down to a few quick steps: Improving your Ad Rank, which sometimes can
just be as simple as improving your bid to the first page; And then adding broad match versions of your top-performing exact phrase match keywords to get a bit more synonyms involved in the party.

Thanks for watching this video today. Hopefully, you can check out the rest of the videos on our “Keywords to the Wise” series.

Thanks for watching!

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