21 thoughts on “Felicia Day: What’s your favorite sandwich?”

  1. There is a law mandating ALL TURKEY sandwiches constructed post American holidays MUST contain Miracle Whip or a generic form of same or there Will Be Serious Consequences. We assure you TURKEY sandwich folks that such Consequences are unpleasant in the extreme and should be avoided at all costs. You have been warned!

  2. I'm sorry Felicia, I'm no hater, please enjoy the heck out of whatever it is that you like, but I can't abide by the miracle whip… especially on such an iconic sandwich… it needs turkey, jellied cranberry sauce, stuffing, a bit of mashed potato with a dab of gravy, and mayonnaise (preferably Hellman's, but any decent standard mayo will work just great…), and yes, on one of those big round french breads, sliced… served with some nice dill pickles… mmm…

  3. I feel like Felicia is telling me to make her a sandwich. That's what this whole production is about. She was watching an AMA feed for 4+ hours, realized that she had skipped breakfast, and really just wanted to eat.

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