AutoCAD tutorial: Adding aerial photography |

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Watch more at When designing a site plan in AutoCAD 2014, it’s helpful to see your work in context. In this tutorial, Jeff Bartels shows how to reference a high-quality aerial photograph as a background.

buy viagra korea This tutorial is a single movie from the AutoCAD 2014 New Features course presented by author Jeff Bartels. The complete course duration is 2 hours and 3 minutes long and shows how to start incorporating all the new features from AutoCAD 2014 into your CAD workflow, including command-line data access, georeferencing, and reality capture.

1. Connecting to Autodesk 360
2. Exploring New Interface Tools
3. Georeferencing Drawings
4. Incorporating Reality Capture
5. Documenting and Protecting Designs


5 thoughts on “AutoCAD tutorial: Adding aerial photography |”

  1. To get around the lack of the ability to print-from-program and keep the aerial maps, simply take a screen shot. It's crude, and doesn't give you any AutoCAD editing power, but if you're just trying to convey visual data, it would often suffice.

  2. background:  i am trying to add high quality aerials on a large project (9 mile corridor) in Charlotte, NC.  adding aerial by aerial from google earth or other sources is a pain and very slow process.
    so i was looking for a more efficient way.  bottom line is to getting high quality aerial as backgrounds in the least amount of time.

  3. Hey there!  Once you do this, how do you turn if off?  I just wanted to see structures/trees and it's on, but other than hitting the back button, how do I turn it off or undo the imaging?

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