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8 HABITS THAT STUNT YOUR SUCCESS // Today’s video covers 8 habits that are derailing your success, and how to transform them so you can THRIVE. If we don’t acknowledge our BAD habits, how are we EVER going to change them and create GOOD habits in their place? Cuz we all know that the good habits we build are the ones that are going to lead us down that shining path to our dream biz.

So, let’s talk about 8 habits that you absolutely MUST be aware of – habits that will stunt your success and sabotage your amazingness.


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  1. Great tips and great video, thank you! Yeah my first hour or so is centered around my own personal peaceful things and being thankful for the day… SO agree with these tips and living them makes a huge difference in life! Can't wait until I can be as comfortable on camera as you are, lol. 😀

  2. This video was helpful. There are a couple of these things that I am guilty of but I’m working to change that. I really do need to ask for help more often. I am a stay at home/work from home mom and although I love it, it’s difficult to be super productive when my son is around. Some babysitting would be so helpful. Thanks for the tips! #BossClub

  3. Hi Sunny! Love your videos, especially this one!!! I have had an online fitness buisness for 3 years, and I am thinking of hiring a buisness mentor to help me reach new levels in my business. What is your take on mentorships?!

  4. You know, one way that I helped get past wanting all my videos to be perfect is the realization that something that is not perfect about your video can be seen as a conversation starter. By that I mean, when you put out a video, if you have enough people watching it, someone will point out whatever it is that you noticed wrong 5 minutes after you uploaded the video. And that is a comment and something that will generate interaction with your fans or with your haters. Either way it is a good thing. Sometime people may find other things that are wrong but that doesn't matter so much either. I know where the mistakes are and the flaws are. Instead of getting upset and trying to fix them I make a note for next time, so I don't repeat the mistake, and then I wait to see if anyone else notices.

  5. I feel like I’ll go further with habits and consistency with a tight schedule. I work 12 hours a day 7 days a week in the oil field. For months. Super busy. I don’t have much time when I’m free.

  6. I was gunna say this was a very good video until you said there is no point if you and one other person do everything together. That's what you should do, keep your circle small, I ain't doing g nothing with my entire group

  7. Thank you so much for making these videos. I’ve been playing with the idea of having a YouTube channel for a while now (years) focusing on photography and Apple products, but I keep letting the negative narrative in my head hold me down. Your videos are great reminders that nothing is stopping me from succeeding but me. The really important things in life are usually not that complicated are they? Ha Ha. Thanks again. Great channel.

  8. My experiences from others dwelling on thempast i overcame it. People are mean so I give them one math problem. 2Q + 2Q = 4Q (say the answer fast several times) Love your videos BOSS

  9. Saying UMMMM during my video and 1b) creating a great video. And I am a super perfectionist. Being a comedin actor and businessman Succe3ssful in business, not successful in vlog

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