24 thoughts on “Ron Paul Reddit AMA Promo”

  1. I love the signature Ron Paul laugh at the end there. Note every time he does it in a debate is when he's about to drop truth that should be obvious. I can tell he laughs because he shouldn't be having to debate the truth.

  2. Actually it's very much his responsibility, as a practitioner of medicin and a former united states congresmen he know's more about the criminal affairs in which the pharmaceutical corporations are involved with.
    Search for genetherapy in China and you'll get all the evidence you need.
    However basing your political idears on some imaginary Papa amoungst the clouds is both illegal and a waste of everyones time.

  3. You don't for years the Federal reserve system and the 2 party dictatorship was considered a conspiracy, beleive me they've got their hands in medicin aswell, just look at this still ongoing healthcare debat.
    A quick cancercure would make their stocks fall into a bottomless pit.

  4. Goldman sachs stacks aluminum to force the price up use your head what do you think?.
    The main element used in cancer treatment is chemotherapy that's poison and a very expensive poison.

  5. Dr Paul i lost my 65 year old mother this January 10th, she never smoked nor did she drink, yet a primary tumor was found in her right lounge which spread to the left lounge aswell as futher metastasis resulting in a secondary tumor in her liver.
    Please tell me that you would do anything to make shure that a cure for cancer is not being hidden by the banking system.
    Will you go as far as Snowden to provide that for mankind
    as you have taken The Hippocratic Oath!!!

  6. I agree with Ron Paul when he says that we shouldn't be killing people overseas with drones.
    So let's put drones to good use—and bomb all of the Federal Reserve buildings in the U.S. to the ground!!!!

  7. I love the way you have to make your argument with the use of profanity. Well, having had the dubious pleasure of living in that vile system, I can only say thank God I no longer have to.

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