Illustrator tutorial: Creating a basic pattern brush |

This tutorial explains how to create a pattern brush, a feature that allows you to repeat a series of tile patterns along the length of a path outline in Illustrator. Watch more at

how to order Premarin This tutorial is a single movie from the Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Mastery course presented by author Deke McClelland. The complete course duration is 6 hours and 38 minutes and shows how to become more efficient, exact, and creative with the advanced tools like pattern brushes, Gradient Mesh, and opacity masks in Illustrator.

33. Using Smart Guides
34. Working with Symbols
35. Gradient Mesh
36. Opacity Masks
37. Liquify and Envelope
38. Pattern Brushes
39. Charts and Pictographs
40. 3D Effects


8 thoughts on “Illustrator tutorial: Creating a basic pattern brush |”

  1. Hey! You guys have some really awesome tutorials and great production quality. One thing I can't figure out though, what's up with the looping inhaling sound during "The following is an excerpt from a course" from 0:10 to 0:18? It seems like someone accidentally placed a bad audio file on that intro slide and it loops 3 or 4 times, really noticeably, and whoever puts these tutorials together never realized it and placed it on all of your guy's Youtube videos.

  2. Nice but i do not like the end, i figured it out alone though, adobe could do a lot better on this function, they continue to add features but the ones really needed are the basics, they need to be improved on the intuitive side, with how much they cost it is the least they can do.

  3. Pardon me if my message doesn't make any sense because at the same time I'm writing this I'm scrounging around my purse looking for money to give  I figure the second part of this tutorial has got to be better than the lousy one I just watched.

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