How to Grow a Business Fast | Building a Team For Growth #1

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If you’re wondering how to grow a business fast, building a team to focus purely on growth is a great first step, and don’t miss the downloadable resource:

legal buy viagra online usa We’re kicking off our new series on hiring growth teams across your company with a look at the standard growth team model and a Q&A with Job, our Head of Growth!

In this video, Luke will take you through the process of setting up your team: hiring a growth manager, a growth entrepreneur and a growth analyst, finding team members with experience working in other agile teams, or as a startup founder.

Plus, Job, our Head of Growth, has some awesome insights on how to grow a business fast, and answers your questions on building a team that’s both lean and effective!

Here are some of the questions he’ll answer:

How did you end up at Growth Tribe?
What part of the Pirate Funnel does Growth focus on?
How many experiments do you try to run a week?
If you could be a cheese – for just one day – what type of cheese would you be? (Obviously the most important question of all.)

Hiring the right people is essential to company growth, so equip yourself with all the best hiring tips to set up your very own growth team.

Got questions about how to grow a business fast, build a team, hire the right people or developing effective working relationships? Let us know in the comments and we’ll try to answer them in the next episode!

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15 thoughts on “How to Grow a Business Fast | Building a Team For Growth #1”

  1. Hi guys, awesome video! In this structure, whats exactly is the role of the marketing team? They just execute all strategies in play or they do a little optimizations too? I ask because i understood that the function of the growth team is to explore and get some ways to optimize something in the funil, right?

    So, if their focus is already optimize. What would be the focus of the marketing team?

  2. This was very helpful! I'm a data analyst on the product team of a large media company. I'm actually presenting to senior management on the value of a growth team in efforts to get buy-in to start my own growth team. What would be the top 3 areas to focus my presentation on without giving an overload of information? (Sr Management is very data driven)

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