Folding Content Nav Menu CSS3 Animation JavaScript Tutorial

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Lesson Code:
Learn to create various folding content effects with click triggers and toggle mechanisms. Learning these visual effects can greatly enhance your front-end design work. The best part is that it’s so simple to do, that no 3rd party frameworks or libraries are needed. The code is slim, and the visual effects are awesome.

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37 thoughts on “Folding Content Nav Menu CSS3 Animation JavaScript Tutorial”

  1. Thank you. Your lessons make me think original instead of stealing other's code all the way which I actually do not understand too much. Your lessons are really genuine and enlightening. Thank you.

  2. Hi Adam. Do you have a tutorial that explains the "data-opened/dataset.opened" things you used? Or if its easy, could you explain here please? I know some basic javascript , but havent come across that command yet…

  3. I can get this to work with multiple buttons, but I want to make it so if 1 menu is open and another menu button is clicked the 1st menu closes and the second opens.

    I know its possible to do but i dont have a clue on how to do it

  4. Hi Mr. Khoury, i am on my first "Prove your self to your self project :)))) " and i am actually still trying to learn from you and some other good coders on youtube , i have to admit, i really need to learn alot yet, html and css part is all great but when it comes to connection and php i keep receiving errors and the following is one of them, ( Deprecated: mysql_pconnect The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead ) and since i am so new i really couldnt find the correct way to fix it… i am sure its really easy for prof coders but for new students like me it just keeps imbarassing me to my self ): !!! can you make a small tut on how to use mysqli to connect to localhost instead of mysql ?? or at least inform me the correct code i must use ?? e-mail is : Thanks alot 🙂 and i wish you the best !!! Be safe …

  5. adam your such a great tutor.i was wondering if you can introduce a course of coding your develop php site as a project bringing all the tutorials you have been teaching.You can can charge it just as a token for ua work.i will be the first to sign up.Great work

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