Can I mark an email as “important” in Gmail?

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It would be a really great feature to mark an email as important in Gmail. Will this ability ever be added?
Bridgetti Lim Banda, Cape Town, South Africa

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28 thoughts on “Can I mark an email as “important” in Gmail?”

  1. This did not answer the question. The question is HOW TO SEND AN EMAIL FROM GMAIL AND MARK IT AS HIGH PRIORITY. Like you would with Outlook. Anyone know? Anyone? Anyone?

  2. Thank you, If someone didn’t understand him (I comprehend) he said that you can do it
    As it happens with the employees of wall mart in my country, they are very quick and efficient to answer we don’t have it, almost before you finish asking them. It happens even in the best companies (as usr: bkc56 use to do it)
    So it on your draft by pressing + is one way, other similar feature is:
    There is one feature you can help you, you can find a feature at sown lower area of your compose window in “More options” button, then click on “label” an next on ”highlight”.
    It could help someone it want to make their outgoing message mark as important

  3. Hi there, Matt.

    I'm not sure where I'm supposed to ask questions, but I was wondering about the AdWords Keyword Insertion Tool and whether or not it is supposed to catch superlatives.

    Love the channel, thanks for doing what you do. -Eric

  4. Just to clarify, I am not upset and don't want my comment to be seen that way. Just stating a fact that Matt you know all of your subscribers are looking forward to your videos, so when we see you have a new one we get excited. But when it has nothing to do with WebmasterHelp, it makes me wonder if the next one will be… I get enough emails as it is, and I love your content… Just keep it webmaster related is all I ask

  5. Puzzled as to why this got a response… Especially on the Webmasters channel. Perhaps it was a simple mistake, but it would be great to continue the tradition of pertinent Webmaster-related topics here. Thanks for all the great content.

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