THE WORST YOUTUBE ADVICE YOU’LL EVER RECEIVE // There is so much misinformation out there about YouTube, and I literally hear it every single day. So I figured it was about time to create a video about it.

We get a little controversial here, and honestly, I’m holding myself back from GOING OFF on some of the ideas I hear being passed off as good advice.

Check out this week’s video – The Worst YouTube Advice You’ll Ever Receive – and then let me know in the comments…what’s the WORST YouTube advice you’ve ever received?


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  1. Random thought: "Is your spirit animal lion?" LOL 😀 Somehow just connected the picture on your background and your mane 😀 And also, because other reasons…You are like boss lioness guiding your pride towards water, prey and shelter. Taking care of others and keeping them safe. This is pretty big compliment in my books. Have a good day!

  2. It‘s hard to give an example of truly bad advice, because some things that you say here would be truly bad for some niches. Imagine a photography channel that shoots with a smartphone and without any proper stabilisation! That niche is so gear oriented and visual, that it’s just not going to work. I‘ve also done a lot of research in my niche (art videos) and some people profited from a limited amount of time of doing daily content. Like a challenge during which they set themselves a goal to produce a video daily. For them it has worked, but thanks to the limited time frame they neither exhausted themselves, nor their audience. Also, ‚just do you‘ can be really terrible advice. There was a controversy around one fairly successful YouTuber in my niche who was probably never taught to think before she speaks. She has said some things on video that were just seriously out of order and she broke a super big rule in our community which led to a sort of witch hunt. People were really getting nasty towards her, collecting all the dumb things she said in videos, there were videos making fun of her, basically it was bullying plain and simple. The reactions may have been too much, but it doesn‘t change the fact that if she had any common sense she would hide her genuine authentic personality at all cost! It doesn‘t seem to get her an awful lot of positive reactions. And of course her personality was also attracting the kind of audience you really wouldn‘t want to have due to saying controversial or plain dumb things without thinking. All in all, there is no one size fits all, so bad advice for one type of channel can be good advice for other types of channels.

  3. Great video.

    In terms of the first myth, Video Influencers showed a comparison of two channels where both had around 200 subscribers within their first year 1 guy vlogged almost every day about University he had over 200 videos, compared to one girl who had only 12 videos but they were long and had more views.

  4. Thanks Sunny, I film all of my content on my iPhone too and place it on a stack of books on my window (when filming sit down videos) I am a small channel and appreciate all of your tips! Rather than try to over upload and produce weak videos I put a lot of effort into creating one quality video a week (every Wednesday)

  5. Bad YT Advice is "act like you've made it" which is pretty much pretending to be famous already. I see alot of people on Instagram doing this but its about being authentic to who you are! We are not the Kardashians even though I'm mostly like Kim 😂

  6. I had not heard that making and posting One video at a time was a good idea, Everyone says to have a Bank of videos posted when you first start. And posting a new video/vlog Everyday I already know would burn me out fast, especially as I have a Very demanding full-time job

  7. LOVE this video. To be honest it seems like it’s a trend right now to talk about how to get views & grow a channel and that’s actually HOW a lot of people are growing their channels.. by talking about how to grow your channel. Which really doesn’t actually help anyone in a different niche. I love this video because to me it really solidified the fact that we need to be creative in our own ways and engage and connect with people. Yes there are logistics that matter to an extent, but if we are sacrificing other things (such as moral compass, mental health, etc.) we really aren’t being successful. Thank you! 😊😊

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