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When we pursue what we do greatly, everything changes.
Carlos Maza gets out of bed in order to make the world better each day. He uses his gift for persuasion to advocate for LGBTQ people – and change the bigger conversation. See more stories: #ChaseGreat


21 thoughts on “Carlos Maza: On changing the conversation | LinkedIn”

  1. Nowadays the comment section consist of whiners expressing their frustration with their own hate. So you know you’re doing good when you see many of them here commenting with their fake profiles! Lol! Keep up the good work Carlos! May you kill many of their racist, egregious, and xenophobic hopes. Godspeed

  2. Wait wait wait, first of did this little dink say "The world is far better of with him alive"?! Your views don't constitute fact, get the surgery and get the hell out of my gender.(he is now an IT) It is literally spouting nonsense and then never backs up not one of it's soy boy claims with actual truth. NEVER. It's all propaganda against real working normal Americans. Fucking vox actually sees themselves as neutral, when there so far left they've left the building. Good luck paying back that 300 million with lies you libtard.

  3. I completely relate, when I hear gay liberals talk about what it is to be a straight masculine Republican. I hear I am racist, I am a bigot, and am laughed at by Carlos Maza for my beliefs, I'm also a veteran, and constantly hear leftists using me as a political too. Fuck Vox

  4. … no apology needed, you are definitely changing the conversation and for that I am really glad you found a reason to get out of bed today … I will follow your excellent reviews and comments, that's for sure … a little glimpse hope in an otherwise derelict political environment … thanks …

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