Best practices and common mistakes in SEO


For those who missed our #io14 presentation, join us in this office hours hangout for SEO tips on improving your site’s appearance in search results. The 3 topics we’ll cover are: 1. Mobile
2. Multi-regional and multilingual sites
3. Monitoring your site for spam

Continued This is an English Hangout on Air on Google+. It works best with a webcam + headset. Learn about our Hangouts and how to participate at 

We welcome webmasters of all levels!


13 thoughts on “Best practices and common mistakes in SEO”

  1. I also think we are missing a canonical or meta tag for sites that are in development, i am constantly getting attacked if my site is in development, they say i should not put it online bla bla, then how am i supposed to lean about the SEO, i am getting constantly attacked any way, google products is totaly distroyed by these ppl, we all go to stackoverflow, where the real help is at, sure they try it over there to, but its easy to ignore them there, google should get rid of google products, befor the quality even goes down more, or create a user topic controled ignore button that bans the anoying user from the topic and future comments, any where, these volutairy mods are part of cartel activitys, and they hide the evidence reporting the topics as double post, so it wont get indexed or fool the user that found the topic.

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