What is Google’s approach to customer service?

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Google’s approach to customer service, and why it uses algorithms instead of people. Cale McNulty, Canada

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21 thoughts on “What is Google’s approach to customer service?”

  1. You could have made it simpler and just stated: Google has no support. We all get that because we've tried to contact you with our questions…….that's why we are here. We don't need a lengthy mathematical lecture, telling us how insignificant we are to you.

  2. Hi,
    Somehow Google has disabled my account and I have appealed to them but so far it has not been enabled. My e-mails, calendar, Youtube videos over 4600, etc. I can't reach nor my 1900 Subscribers.

    It happened on Friday early morning when I downloaded a Free programme to tune up my PC but after scanning, it asked to buy to repair. So, I uninstalled it. Soon after I could not use Google services.

    Also, I Preach Christianity and being very enthusiastic, send emails to University Lecturers about 200 a day. Most of them bounced because of blocking unknown emails.Most of the times, they were fine. May be Google put some blocker.

    I am 83 years old and I am finding very hard to coup with this action of Google. My Youtube account is nijjhar1.

    Customer services says, do not repeat appeal. I have got no ticket Number from Google.

    Could you help me please?A

  3. Hi again Mr Rogers…hows the neighborhood..well my dell venue 8 has this thing where it keeps saying unfortunately the android systemUI has stopped working…do you know what might be wrong? I'm going to guess you don't cuz you're just a google puppet trying to explain why google is worth 370,000,000,000 dollars and offers no tech support… you gay ass mr rogers mother fucker…..what's wrong with my tablet??? I bought it… it's not working… what's wrong with it… google has my money now…what's wrong with my tablet?

  4. Hi, Mister Rogers…how's the neighborhood… you feelin special today? Well, I just stumbled across this trying to watch a movie "This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.' That's kind of ironic because google does this to me every fucking day..shoving 100's of ads down my throat that are commercially deceptive…. have a special day in the nieghborhood Mr. Rogers…. 😀 oh yay,,,,, DON'T BE EVIL

  5. My life has basically been destroyed and I am about to put myself out of my misery based on news stories from over 5 years ago that always show up at the very top of Google searches for my name.  I can't get a job or do anything.  I have already served my time and paid the price for being stupid enough to admit to my crime.  It doesn't matter what I do, Google keeps those at the top. I doubt if the story of my suicide will get any ranking.

  6. There's easy solution to this problem: auctions. Google hires as many support staff as it deems reasonable. When I submit a support request, I indicate how much I'm willing to pay for a response. Highest bids are handled first. Low bid requests are eventually discarded.

    This is basically AdWords for customer support. Hugely scalable and probably profitable.

  7. you could have a bounty program, open source community support or other programs… google just doesn't give a sh** and why should they. I wouldn't trust google with anything important…

  8. According to Matt Cutt's own math, adding customer support would cost less than 1% of Google's revenue. You talk about how many people use Google, but also ignore that you make approximately 5 cents every time they make a single search. This is a pretty disingenuous answer.

  9. Matt is confusing two issues. A) Google supporting everyone – I agree, not possible, and B) Google supporting its AdWords customers with helpful, educated customer service. It's the "B" that's the problem, Matt. AdWords customers service is terrible. Hard to get to, and then usually quite ignorant. 🙁

  10. Ha! AdWords Support is laughable. Being able to speak to someone on the phone, yes this can be done but you have to wait weeks for your answer if it’s in any way too difficult for 1st level support to answer.
    I have even had to explain to 1st level support how to fix problems.
    Make a complaint (or multiple complaints), get promised a call back from a manager, it doesn’t happen.
    Internal communication in Google appears to be via email/ticketing system only. Very poor, very frustrating!

  11. By some rough calculations, based on Matt's data, it would cost around $2B – $3B PER YEAR to service 3 Billion People. Here are my calculations

    20,000 Staff needed Per Billion
    3 Billion People
    $40,000 Per Year (total cost, includes benefits)

    20,000 X 3 X $40,000 = $2.4 Billion Dollars PER YEAR.

    And, remember, now you've got worked-to-the-max people working at around $29,000 Per Year + Benefits….

    It's just not possible, not to mention financially "appropriate". Automated is the only way.

  12. @jonpaulwade But it would be terribly inefficient, not only from Google's point of view. As a user, I much prefer finding my answer in an FAQ or support page than having to call customer service on the phone. When it comes to computers and the Internet, 95% of the time it's the same questions that are repeated ad nausea, you can see it in the forums.

  13. (2nd half of reply)

    Maybe Google can afford to improve customer services. Less profit but better customer service and great social responsibility (create jobs!).

    And I bet Google could create the most efficient call centre platform in the world if it wanted to – it could become a future product.

    Profit data: BBC Business
    Call centre salaries: Glassdoor / Salaries / call-center-salary
    Wal-mart: wikipedia / Wal-mart

  14. 20,000 extra staff members, divided across Google offices would result in around 300 extra staff in each office, not a huge number really.

    Cost? Based on a call centre rate of $30K a year, that is $600,000,000. Although many locations will cost less. Google net profits are around $10 billion a year.

    As a comparison, Wal-Mart has an annual net profit of £15 billion and employs 2.1 million people.

    (reply in 2 or 3 parts ….)

  15. The issue he bring up at the beginning about serving users of Google that are not customers could be solved if their was a Google support that you could pay for. It would give users the ability to talk with a Google rep if they are willing to pay. At my work we charge $99 an hour for certain kinds of support, and people buy it everyday.

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