Upgraded URLs Hangout on Air


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http://mycambodiatravel.com/kbal-spean/ Top FAQ’s from this event are answered on the AdWords Community: https://goo.gl/boqm6C
Read more about Upgraded URLs at https://g.co/ads/upgradedURLs

Katie from the AdWords team is joined by Leo Sei, Product Manager and Sally Chung, Product Expert to discuss the new Upgraded URLs features. They’ll be taking us through why you should be using upgraded URLs, showing us how to upgrade your URLs and covering the top questions we’ve seen from advertisers.


8 thoughts on “Upgraded URLs Hangout on Air”

  1. @8:48 Sally says, after the upgrade, if you are to make any edits to your tracking template or URL, this is definitely considered an edit to your ad.

    Why is an edit to the tracking URL part considered an edit?  I thought the whole point of all of this was to let us update tracking without resetting stats and triggering ad review?

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