Portsmouth Mozcation Joanna Lord Part 2

The New Customer Acquisition by Joanna Lord

Consumer behavior has changed. The way people search and discover products and services are fundamentally different than what they used to be. How have your acquisition strategies changes? Joanna will showcase tactics that challenge traditional customer acquisition strategies and speak to the many hats today’s marketer must wear to build a loyal customer base.

Part 1: http://youtu.be/Q9qawFHt9y8

Joanna Lord is the VP of Growth Marketing at SEOmoz.org, a leading SEO software company in Seattle. While she currently heads up SEOmoz’s lifecycle marketing efforts for Moz’s 18,000 member customer base, she is also a well-known social media enthusiast and frequent conference speaker. Her diverse experience in data analysis, performance marketing, inbound marketing and retention programs enables her to provide tactical strategies that work.


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