22 thoughts on “IAMA: Ron Paul | reddit’s top ten questions (Part 3 of 5)”

  1. Millennial Redditards couldn't possibly care less about the gold standard and Federal Reserve Bank, but care deeply about whether our congress believes in evolution. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we're fucked.

  2. Thanks to all you sheeple suffering under political stockholm syndrome for writing this man off and repeating that with Gary Johnson and other independents. Your blind faith in the system is fucking this country up and you will one way or the other realize that when it starts to fuck with you too.

  3. @gonadcancervictim What, did you even read what I wrote? I hope he does well in the election, because America is a whole other society from Sweden and socialism would never work there.

    Also, Sweden has had proportionality good innovation because people aren't afraid when we start new companies; we wont end up on the streets if we fail. Examples of this are Skype, Spottify, Ericsson and Mojang AB.

    What differs is that our innovators aren't psychopaths who want money, but instead humble people.

  4. @madichelp0 well guy from socialist sweden please allow us to have a free market where I can invent things like defibrillators and robots to fix luke skywalkers arm and make tons of money and your socialist utopia will improve because the free market savages have yet again invented something that drags the standard of living of the world up due to a profit motive

  5. A guy form socialist Sweden here, I disagree with his view on a small government, but at least he can argue for his cause without a script. I hope he does well in the 2012 election.

  6. He has no chance of becoming president. There are too many strong forces in the US that oppose his beliefs. Cutting off support to Israel? Yea right. That would happen…..
    Too bad, i really think he is one of the few who has a chance of saving the US..
    Regards from Sweden.

  7. @cmstyz "Those who side against his positions do so because they fail to hear or understand him, or because they would prefer a system that is more fair to them than it is to others."

    Anyone who is against public funding of schools is actively ignoring the fact that a Free Market cannot function without an Informed Public. I listen to him, and I disagree with a premise he relies upon. Public Funding is not "More Fair to the Poor then it is to the Rich", it is fairer to everyone.

  8. I never even thought about a world central bank, Fuck…. that's is some scary stuff. They ruin it locally so lets ruin it globally. We can't sustain everyone to be rich, so lets make everyone poor. That isn't funny.

  9. Don't forget to check out Ron Paul's new book End the Fed if you like what he's saying here. It's publication date is September 16th, but Amazon is already shipping copies.

  10. Ron Paul inspires me to never give up. The man has failed to become president two times. Has been insulted by the most harmful words in the English language. And even now is risking his own well being by taking on the mighty central bank. Without him, I would have undoubtedly remained a war mongering neocon.

  11. Ron Paul is a peacemaker. Get the government out of people's personal decisions. Let each individual decide his/her own lifestyle.
    One-size-fits-all government dictation is what causes divisiveness.

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