IAMA: Wired’s Danger Room | reddit’s top ten questions

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Wired’s Danger Room team (Noah Shachtman, Katie Drummond, & Spencer Ackerman) answers reddit.com’s top ten questions about military technology, national security, and everything else.

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16 thoughts on “IAMA: Wired’s Danger Room | reddit’s top ten questions”

  1. someone should tell the military that in regards to the "insect" drones, whoever observed the "real" flying bugs should have told the operator they don't fly in the middle of the night.

    It's a little suspicious, an entomologist would "make" you in a heart beat

  2. If you really follow up on this, due to our cancer weapon research, we're technically loosing a LOT more soldiers, but we're losing them after their finished serving where they die in civilian hospital beds rather than the proverbial breach. It's like Vietnam's agent orange only ppl are still preparing to talk about it and so the government hasn't released the approximate figures.

    srch: iraq+cancer

  3. For christs sake say TROOPS. There are more then just fucking soldiers there, There are Marines, Sailors, and airmen. You seem to be knowledgeable about the subject but unfortunately you get terminology all mixed up

  4. You probably should have mentioned the XM-8's lack of rails, non STANAG magazine, and occasional melting problems in earlier models, as well as the vastly inflated price H&K was charging for something that was basically a modified version of a forty year old American rifle.

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