Cutting for Growth: The Journey, Episode 2, Season 2

Have you ever contemplated stopping something to ensure business growth?

Then watch the Journey, Social Media Examiner’s episodic video documentary that shows you what really happens inside a growing business.

In episode 2, Michael Stelzner makes a decision to cut off a segment of his audience he’s been developing for years. He also tasks his team to begin slicing up thousands of ideas that could help him with a new project. Watch as he challenges himself and his team to try new things.

This episode opens as Mike takes a literal walk to decide which way he should turn at an important fork in the business road.

Should he continue to serve an audience segment he’s been building, or should he turn away from that audience and re-center his efforts to better serve his core tribe?

After hiking down a path he’s nervous about, Mike reflects that he can now head back on that same path with less fear.

The takeaway? When that voice in your head says you’re not good enough and you don’t have what it takes, don’t see it as your Stop light, see it as your Go light.

Next, Mike presses the print button on Project Genesis. He has 3133 responses to the question, “If you could wave a magic wand and immediately solve a social media marketing problem you face, what would it be?

Mike believes a core component of Project Genesis is somewhere in those responses. Watch as he and Jennifer Ballard put her college education to work to begin the search for the needle in the haystack.

Finally, Mike and Phil Mershon head to VidCon. They reminisce about Mike calling Phil from VidCon 3 years ago with a ‘crazy idea’ to grow Social Media Marketing World, and discuss how the VidCon experience provided inspiration for scaling our conference.
As Mike meets up with several friends at the conference, he shares his thoughts on building relational capital; watch for cameos from Jase Bennett, Roberto Blake, Sean Cannell, Steve Dotto, Rachel Farnsworth, Pat Flynn, Owen Hemsath, Peter Hollens, Jim Louderback, Shaun McBride, Luria Petrucci, Tim Schmoyer, Brian Solis, Benji Travis, and Caleb Wojcik.

The show closes as the marketing team confronts possible trouble ahead…

What do you need to cut in order to be more successful? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below.

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20 thoughts on “Cutting for Growth: The Journey, Episode 2, Season 2”

  1. I'm enjoying the journey and the business mind! Thank you for sharing. Interesting you have decided to move away from creatives and focusing on marketers. I'm mainly a creative but my work is focused on marketing, so, like it or not, I'm also your target market, the creative with the marketing mind… I'm looking forward to attending the conference… one day, hopefully, when it gets to be hosted here in Australia!

  2. What I need to cut in order to be successful?

    The amount of time I spend unwinding and vegging. Deep down I know I can get the de-stressing I need just by creating content. That’s the joy of podcasting about a topic I love. I just need to stop settling for what I have been used to doing and replace it with something that I truly love and which enriches my mind.

  3. This is why I went to college… three of them 😂

    That's a pretty big decision, but cut to grow makes sense. On one hand it seems like a hard decision, on the other… most of the creator track sessions this year were marketing based, or at least had speakers that understood the corporate side as well.

  4. Last 30 seconds were hilarious… Worst thing that can happen when you film, Real Estate Edition: Your Realtor is standing out front a beautiful home, you just went live for the home introduction… And the cars driving by decide to start honking and yelling out their windows…

  5. Wow that's a big move abandoning the creator segment and going all in on marketers, but the conference is Social Media MARKETING World after all. Interesting that the decision includes editorial. I was excited to see so many creators coming to the show and watching the content they made during SMMW, the interviews etc. must have been a tough choice. I liked the metaphor you used at the beginning about the green light signal. Our biggest critic is usually always ourselves. I read something similar to this in a great book by Mark Manson this summer "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck."

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