Ask AdWords: Image Ads

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Alex and Amanda answer your questions from social media in this episode of the Ask AdWords show. They give an in-depth answer to a question about image ads.
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10 thoughts on “Ask AdWords: Image Ads”

  1. Hi Guys, thanks for the great vids. Is it possible to target ads to people who speak both English AND Spanish ie bilingual. Reason being, we have a spanish TEACHING course that is aimed at people who can speak both languages.  I know you can target Spanish OR English, but can you target people who speak both? Many thanks Paul

  2. Hi guys,
    We are trying to create an image ad for our company to use in your display campaign, however we wish to have more freedom in how our banners look etc, so my question is, what software can we use to create an image ad? & what type of file do we create for it to be compatible? Thanks for the help

  3. Hi, thank you for the content. Is part of your display network? I have created a display campaign with GIFs and added as a management placement, but it is not generating impressions. Please help. Thank you. #askadwords

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