The Must-Have Future Career: Analytics Translator | AI for Business #4

Welcome back to AI for Business! In this episode we’re going to be examining what some are calling the ‘must-have’ future career – the Analytics Translator!

Artificial Intelligence will create many new future careers but one of the hottest right now is the Analytics Translator.


Because companies are recognizing that success with AI … requires cross-functional teams and — perhaps most important — professionals who can translate business problems and customers pains into, for example, an AI solution.

These professionals are being called Analytics Translators, and demand will be huge for this future job role, for instance, in the U.S. alone, the potential demand for this new job role may range from two to four million professionals in the coming years.

So, let’s answer a very frequent question we see coming not only from growth marketers and business leaders and our learning community but also more and more appearing the press.

What skills do leaders need to develop in order to manage AI products and a AI strategy?

Precisely, what skills do you need to develop in order to become a data translator and land one of the hottest future careers!

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