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  1. @meccaturbo or what economists call the productive part of america. the places that are the most homophobic are also the shittiest to live. ask a foreigner whether theyd rather live in new york and los angeles or omaha and richmond.

  2. @meccaturbo im quite certain you raised the issue. i watched this video because im actually interested in politics; you evidently watched it to broadcast your homophobia

  3. @meccaturbo for someone alleging to be straight, you seem to think about cock an awful lot. sounds like there may be some projection is going on here

  4. @ericfeinberg28

    if you have not read those books then there is no point in talking. you can do what you want. i am protecting my family by moving my savings out of paper money and into real things.

    good luck and take care.

  5. @hyylo im sure your barter system will get a lot of support out there… if you really want change, you need to do more than elect ron paul. you need to come up with an actual viable alternative. and stop referring me to your scripture; i'm well acquainted with the austrians.

  6. @ericfeinberg28


    If you read the books you will understand that you need something that will allow transactions to be made without the possibility that the government or any other individual will manipulate the transaction and try to steal its value.

    In free markets the consumer will decide what they want to use as money.

    i am sure we can agree that paper money with zero backing is pure corruption.

    Please read the books first. Please.

  7. @hyylo as I said, I'm fully aware of your arguments. But governing is more than asserting what doesn't work; its proposing a workable alternative. Returning to the gold standard is not a viable option, and there's no reason to believe pegging our currency to a commodity would make our system any more stable than it is now. Its simply a quasi-religious belief among free marketers that they never bother to answer completely.

  8. @ericfeinberg28

    what books on economics have you read? you should never read books that the government encourages. mostly books found in school and college.

    you should read books by
    Hayek, Friedrich.
    Hazlitt, Henry.
    Rothbard, Murray.
    Smith, Adam.
    Von Mises, Ludwig.

    i could explain to you what would be the best solution but you must read some of these books first.

    also ron paul does not want to end the fed really, he wants to allow market competition against the fed.

  9. @hyylo im fully aware of the critiques of the federal reserve. im also aware of the critiques of the gold standard. theyre both flawed. the ron paul types need to explain what replaces the fed when we end it, because going back to the booms and busts of the 19th century is not a solution to the rest of us.

  10. @ericfeinberg28


    i have an economics degree from london city university and also a finance degree from london school of economics.

    i would encourage you to search youtube for the video:

    ……….Money Banking and the Federal Reserve…..

    it will explain to you everything about the economic mess.

    i hope it helps

  11. Just to point out to the Ron Paul fans here: Ron Paul has publicly stated that he thinks Frank is a brilliant mind and a great member of Congress. He has worked with Frank on many, many bills and issues.

  12. i have one simple thing to say that will prove Barney Frank is evil.

    Did Barney Frank say YES or NO to audit the federal reserve?

    learn some economics.

    Support ron paul to END THE FED

    search youtube for MISES INSTITUTE to view ron paul presentation on ending the fed

  13. i have one simple thing to say that will prove Barney Frank is evil.

    Did Barney Frank say YES or NO to audit the federal reserve.

    Ron Paul wants to audit the fed
    Peter Schiff wants to audit the fed
    Rand Paul wants to audit the fed

    Barney Frank said NO.


    Ron Paul for president.

  14. Rand Paul who is the son of Ron Paul criticised Barney Frank for not giving support to audit the federal reserve. Peter Schiff who is Ron Pauls economic advisor stated

    Barney Frank did not agree to audit federal reserve.

    Please search youtube for Peter Schiff Was Right

    Peter Schiff is running for senate.

  15. Hey retard, I could truly care less what you think, you retarded moron. I'm not a bigot in the slightest, I'm simply commenting on Barney Bunghole's actions. If you don't like what I write, then I suggest you take your petty whining elsewhere and not read my comments. You are a narrow minded fool. As for human garbage, you are exactly that, you retarded moronic loser.

  16. Barnie Bunghole….with the big dick roaring in and out of his mouth and his asshole. And those lips have been on other men's dicks….you can be damn sure of that. Fucking disgusting. Barney Bunghole and Chappaquiddick Ted, two pillars of the fucked up Democratic party.

  17. I think the problem politicians in general have is that they are completely blinded by vast legacy structures, which they simply take for reality. I don't know if this means we need the best minds to design something new, or just simplify and junk vast parts of the political economic system.

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