Increase Calls Part 1: Website Call Conversions look what i found

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Join us for the first of a two-part Hangout on Air series focused on increasing calls to your business through AdWords. This week Josh and Katie will talk us through the new Website Call Conversions feature!

00:41 What are Website Call Conversions
01:18 Why are these important?
01:40 Fun Facts about mobile searchers
02:07 Using a Google Forwarding Number
02:35 Optimizing based on Call Metrics
03:17 Conversion Bidding Strategies
03:34 Call Extension Set Up
04:10 Countries that can use Google Forwarding Numbers
04:45 Set Up Call Conversion
05:36 Code Implementation Part 1
06:05 Code Implementation Part 2
06:38 Resources for Coding
07:02 View Conversion Metrics in Campaigns
07:40 Using Dimensions Report for Call Metrics
08:30 Questions
09:00 Wrap Up


2 thoughts on “Increase Calls Part 1: Website Call Conversions”

  1. I'm a month behind on this one but the new website call conversion feature can be a bid plus for many small and medium businesses that don't have a dedicated call tracking vendor. 
    The question is, in addition to the code from the clients AdWords conversion tool, are their step by step instructions for the additional code needed to get the client's website phone number to switch to the Google provided phone number?

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