How to use the Split Document command | tutorial

This Acrobat tutorial shows how to separate a PDF into multiple files using the Split Document command. Watch more at

This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter six of the Acrobat X Essential Training course presented by author Anne-Marie Concepcion. The complete Acrobat X Essential Training course has a total duration of 9 hours and covers creating and customizing PDFs, searching, editing text and graphics, and extracting PDF content to use in other programs

Acrobat X Essential Training table of contents:

1. Getting Started
2. Creating PDFs
3. Editing PDF Content
4. Enhancing PDFs
5. Adding Rich Media and Interactivity
6. Combining and Rearranging PDFs
7. Extracting and Converting Content
8. Creating and Working with Portfolios
9. Getting Started with Forms
10. Working with Comments in PDFs
11. Managing PDF Reviews
12. Preflighting and Print Production
13. Scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
14. Automating Routine Tasks
15. Protecting and Securing PDFs
16. Adobe Reader X and


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