Ask AdWords: Explaining DoubleClick Ad Exchange

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Alex and Amanda answer your questions from social media in this episode of the Ask AdWords show. They give an in-depth answer to a question about the basics of DoubleClick Ad Exchange.
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20 thoughts on “Ask AdWords: Explaining DoubleClick Ad Exchange”

  1. #AskAdwords, so those this mean that when I am running a GDN campaign it automatically opts to DCM and my ads are automatically served to a larger audience than what I bargained for with GDN based on my budget obviously, so basically Doubleclick is the new GDN ???

  2. Double click is one of the onerous companies out there that people use to force their ads on the rest of us.Once a company like Google becomes reliant on their business then they start interfering with the content to suit their own needs.I blacklist anyone who uses them.I will deliberately NOT buy from companies that use them.I wish more of you would do this.Advertises will become the censors of the internet in the future, which will control our use of the Internet .Lets all band together and stop that from happening.

  3. Dear Ask AdWords, is it possible to respond to some of the great questions posted in the comments section below your videos? I realize you want to use these questions for future videos but just a short response would be helpful….then we can look forward to the more detailed video explanation.

  4. yea google does a poor job at explained what the hell double click is. and how it is helpful for most people, or explaining who exactly will get a benefit from it. it took me 30 minutes of research to get a good overview of what the hell this service actually does. and not a single google reference was helpful. you have retarded monkeys (NOT) explaining it. it would be nice if you focused on teaching business minded/technical people actual helpful information.

  5. Hi ,people 🙂
    I install  Google PublisherToolbar and then  I enable  DobuleClick Ad Exchange they say me this : ''This user does not have an AdSense or AdExchange Seller account.
    New accounts may take up to 24 hours to appear
    Please check that the email address matches your AdSense or AdExchange Seller account address.

    I have adsense,also i wait 24 hours and i have same email adres. Pls,help me:/

  6. Hi
    I wanted to know if there is a way to link new adwords account to another account Google plus so I can use it as a web extension?  We used to have two websites under the same adwords account so we used our G+ as an extension but for billing reasons, we had to make them separate. Now I can't seem to find an easy way to link the new account to old google plus page that has data and reviews.  Is that possible?

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