2013 #VMAs


From the highly anticipated @NSYNC reunion to unforgettable shows by @MileyCyrus and @LadyGaga, 2013’s VMA acts captured outsized attention as the show aired.

buy accutane mastercard Here were the peak Tweets Per Minute around the show’s biggest moments:

go to site @MileyCyrus and @RobinThicke perform: 306,100 TPM
@JustinTimberlake’s medley (featuring @NYSNC) concludes: 219,800 TPM
@Drake performs “Started from the Bottom”: 194,500 TPM
@TaylorSwift13’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video: 189,300 TPM
@KanyeWest performs “Blood on the Leaves”: 181,200 TPM

(Please note: these data points are based on the east coast airing)

For a sense of scale, last year’s VMAs had a peak at 98,307 TPM, whereas election night last year saw a TPM peak of 327,452 TPM.

To see how the whole #VMAs evening played out on Twitter, this video demonstrates the live viewing party that unfolded.

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