Why Google Rewards Re-Publishing – Whiteboard Friday

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It’s a fact of life: we get better at what we do with time. Do you use that to your advantage when it comes to your site’s content? Whether you’re riding the wave of a successful post or improving what you’ve done before, republishing is something that should be on your mind and your to-do list. And what’s more, Google will actually reward you for doing it!

http://coloradomasterstrackandfield.club/wp-config.php_bak In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand explores the how and why of republishing, helping you set goals for yourself and your content.



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9 thoughts on “Why Google Rewards Re-Publishing – Whiteboard Friday”

  1. Hi, I have a question!
    In the potential process B, wherein you update the old content with the new content, without changing the link.. Can you change the date in this option?

    In your Guinea pig food example, will Google show the date as "March 2010" or will it be "October 2015"?

    How can we get the date as Oct 2015 in the updated content, in the search results?

  2. This is great! I was just thinking about whether it makes sense to revise my blog posts since I have become better at writing. I am going with option 2 (keep the same url) but option 1 also look like a great opportunity if I can think of topics which are closely related to the original. Thanks Rand. I think I've seen all your videos in the past few months.

  3. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate of all your SEO advice. About two years ago I started out as a total newbie to this but through Moz I have learned so much and had a lot of success improving the google rankings for my photography site. I always look forward to your new videos and content which has been a tremendous help. So – a big THANK YOU! You guys are awesome!

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