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We’ve seen lots of questions from webmasters over the years, and we’d like to cover these here. We’re keen on giving you the answers that help you to succeed with your website on Google Search.

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16 thoughts on “Welcome to SEO Snippets”

  1. Why does Google trend analysis / SEO people treat all seo's as thick almost?! I learn more about seo from the Google dev team than from John and Gary. Seriously guys some of us seo's can code and know about technical seo. It is high time to bridge the gap you guys have created and merge the Google Dev's and seo team together! I will say what most Googler's say now: "Let's make the web better!" and to do so you need to start sharing the info better!

    Would it not be useful to actually start teaching SEO's things like preloading, service workers, csp, native web api's like Payment Request API etc. That have been shown in many Google Case Studies to increase conversions and improve seo.

    John and Gary seem to only talk about the basics, if you went to a school and the teacher only talked about the basics year after year for many years! At some point all the students would get fed up! A normal teacher would pass information about the Basics, Intermediate and Advanced topics. I suggest John takes a holiday for once and some Google dev's can start teaching SEO's some up to date SEO and more advanced topics! (There are new SEO things every month and most SEO's are totally clueless to most of them).

    Google posts SEO case studies every month on big authority websites, detailing real technical SEO things! See here for latest example: https://developers.google.com/web/showcase/2018/asda-george

    This gap of knowledge in Technical SEO is getting bigger every week! Google Dev's and Google trend analysis / SEO people seriously need to merge together and start passing the information onto SEO's.

  2. Guys need to know about page crawling – Our website has everything good url, interlinking, content, get updated daily – still we are struggling to get all our pages crawled, Only few of pages get crawled. If we are doing anything wrong or some technical problem, How we can get details about same? Can we get an clarity on this – A video regarding this will be really helpful for us.

  3. Thanks a lot +GoogleWebmasters +JohnMuller … It was time when we started with "Matt Cutts" videos and used to wait for it every Wednesday. These would be much helpful for everyone in the community.

  4. it'll be a great asset to have these short quasi-official snippets that i can send to my clients when they once again send me "seo reports" they get from "website optimizers" who still live in the past and need this kind of stuff debunked

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