Weekly Vlog: Donald Sterling, LSD in the desert, Lip Sync Challenge!!

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/SunnyLenarduzzi
Instagram: http://instagram.com/sunnylenarduzzi

Donald Sterling: http://youtu.be/YhT6d5fMhzI
Donald Sterling Fine: http://youtu.be/vHCgmVikntw
Donald Sterling Reactions: http://ow.ly/wo9vP
NBA We are One: http://ow.ly/wo9xF
Racism in Sports: http://ow.ly/wo9zd
Racism in Soccer: http://ow.ly/wo9Bs
Dani Alves: http://ow.ly/wo9DA
Shaq Selfie: http://ow.ly/wo9Fq
Code Babes: http://ow.ly/wo9J5
Rob Ford to Rehab: http://ow.ly/wo9L4
Tornado: http://ow.ly/wo9Nt
Twitter Q1 Earnings: http://ow.ly/wo9P3
Facebook F8 Conference: http://ow.ly/wo9Qf
RIP Google+: http://ow.ly/wo9Tx
Porn for the planet: http://ow.ly/wo9UT
Selfie Science: http://ow.ly/wo9WD
Selfie Plastic Surgery: http://ow.ly/wo9YA
Star Wars Cast: http://ow.ly/wo9ZT
Google Cars: http://ow.ly/woa1O


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