Verifying ownership of your site in Google Search Console

This video helps you determine which method of verification in Search Console (Webmaster Tools) might be easiest for you. Please see for more information on site verification.

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48 thoughts on “Verifying ownership of your site in Google Search Console”

  1. Ok I have a video on facebook that I need to verify but it said to upload the html link on the sites home page, well how do you upload that verification file to my video on facebook to be verified? It can't be on home page because then it would be like im posting the file. There is no home page for the video just my facebook page and I don't know how to upload that file to my facebook page, can anyone help?

  2. Pants….have contacted Google by phone and email….doesn't matter how many times I protest, Google wrote and said by phone, time and again that post card in 14 days is the only way, will destroy my seasonal business as I explained, but they don't care, only interested in quoting policy. However, here is the video explaining the polar opposite. By the way Dub dub dub is not in the Oxford English Dictionary. I'm from Oxford, England so I guess I should know….Grrrr

  3. I was really hoping to be walked through the process of verifying my blog. This was of no help to me at all. I think less of the dub dub dub and more basic information is warranted here. But I guess google doesn't agree as they haven't updated this video since 2013

  4. I did not think it was helpful at first, but the instruction for the metagging helped me in the end; on the other hand, I have a degree (Soon to be a Masters) in computer science and still found this difficult… So I really think they could have explained this better!

    For one thing, the "recommended" method should not be in my view. Messing around with your DNS configurations is not a simple task. Moreover, if your domain provider is not your host, they are unlikely to be invested in helping you if you host elswhere, which is often the case.

    If you do not have extensive experience in I.T then this tutorial is simply not detailed enough. Provide step-by-step guides and for goodness sake do not encourage non-technical people to just go messing with their DNS configuration, for one thing, why would a non-technical person even know what this is, much less how to reconfigure it! Come on Google!

  5. Just throwing this out there, my "site" I want to include is my Deviantart and this feature won't let me do this. I would also want to include direct links to the content used such as link to a piece done in a speedpaint, but if I can't link it to the original piece, much less need to verify each and every link, it will be extremely incomplete.
    I want to include what I can in the video because not everyone will check or have access to the description and this does not allow me to do this.

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