46 thoughts on “Twitter: see what’s happening in politics”

  1. @POTUS @VP incumbents violating XII Amend they're not legitimacy but they don't stop having obligation to denounce violation to constitution that warns,as head of militias w/ constitutional power has legality to order arrest transgressors when they incur in treason to the nation

  2. I just had my account locked ! why ? unusual activity !! what bullshit , I speak my mind against zio jew murders an dishonest leaders ,, face it twitter ur a obedient sellout !

  3. Twitter, are you going to start banning users for saying the word "The"… lol what a hypocritical mess, executives are a joke! Interesting they don't have a discussion area on youtube.. because they would get slammed with non stop hate! Which would be well deserved! Collapse already!

  4. Neon Hair Facists!!! Youre helping ruin the free-est, fairest, most prosperous society in human history, communist filth!

    When the armed revolt happens know you people wont be allowed to join the moral side, you will be arrested for treason, maximum sentencing during war time: Death.

  5. People should vote only if they know politics. I hate the fact that people make it look like a good thing if more people vote. Your just going to get the type of people who get their politics from TYT

  6. lmao ,censoring conservatives on social media to help liberals feel good, let Isis do what ever they want. Yeah… nothing much is happening in politics. Just shut the fuck up twitter, you lot are so full of shit.

  7. How dare you tell people to be involved in politics while at the same time banning right wing journalists and entertainers like Milo. You're the last platform that someone should look to for political news

  8. Here's twitter: Push "LGBTabcdefghiklmnopqrstuvwxyz" and muslim propaganda 24-7 and anyone who even so much as hints at dissent gets their account demolished. NOT ONLY THAT but Twitter and FB and more have all decided to work with governments overseas to make "hate speech" A CRIMINAL OFFENSE. If you don't think Twitter and FB and more would love to take their censoring to more than just their own social media than you're sorely mistaken. They want it to be illegal to use "hate speech". These dictators are coming for your first amendment, you better watch out.

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