SXSW 2016: Life Lessons – Video Diary #1

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SXSW 2016 was one of those experiences I’ll be talking about for a long time! It was my first time attending and I went in with no plans, no preparation and no place to stay. But I learned more than just new digital trends at this conference, I learned that if I followed my gut, magical things can happen. This is my SXSW story…

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36 thoughts on “SXSW 2016: Life Lessons – Video Diary #1”

  1. Sunny, really appreciate your videos and willingness to keep up to date with all the new 'stuff'. You do it with fun and grace. On those who were nasty to you – a little saying I like "Other peoples opinion of you is none of your business" – Those who take time out to run others down aren't worth listening to – they are not people of quality.

  2. Great channel! I've been self employed for 28 years since age 18 in real estate. Now is an amazing time for young ( and medium aged) entrepreneurs to forge there own way. I love to see young, ethical, driven, smart, passionate and hard working people succeed! Thanks for sharing your insights and advice, it really helps us "older" business people motivated and fresh.

  3. Boasting???  Isaiah 54:17 "No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of The LORD, and their vindication is from Me," declares The LORD."  Anyone who criticizes you over your work is clearly doing it out of envy and sheer burning jealousy, and MOST Definitely to soften the blows of their own failures.  Sunny, I'm not trying to "convert" you but Christ is teaching me how not to be phased even by the most heinous of accusations and it's an incredible feeling.  He LITERALLY teaches you how to not be wounded by the ugly words thrown at you meant to tear down and destroy.  This way you can just move along without being affected by them anymore.  The haters will see this and they'll be helpless to do anymore harm after that.  Furthermore, The Lord promises to deal with such folks, I've seen it happen in my life  and it's incredible to see how He fights for you each time.  Sunny, I love what you do and am learning so much from you.  You have a talent a lot of people out there truly desire to have.  The ability to teach and express yourself eloquently, clearly and always to the point.  You're full of life which makes your videos a joy to watch.  It would be a "crime" to keep such abilities hidden away from us.  God, bless you tonnes Sunny and thank you for all your great videos. -Nancy, in Toronto!

  4. Thanks for your hard work and sharing what you are learning. As a new youtuber, I really appreciate the detail and the classy look of your videos. Keep up the good work.

  5. Luv it. Good for you Sunny. That is the kind of inspiration, knowledge and education that every entrepreneur, and SOHO business owner, needs to hear. Would love to get you involved in SOHO Victoria next January in some way. Let's talk about it at SMC. Chris.
    PS – l luv that saying "take the leap and the net will appear". Although most times we don't need the net…

  6. Great video.. don't worry about the haters, being a entrepreneur we/you put ourselves in the firing line we need the haters and negative comments, ok it hurts but use them as a driver to push you on. You may get a couple of negative comments but the good things you achieved at SXSW outweighs them by a long way. I am a therapist/mentor/coach I always tell the people I work with 'we learn the most when we are uncomfortable.' You will succeed because you have the drive and confidence to follow your dreams, not at any time have I heard you brag in a video.. Good luck Sunny always trust your gut… Its our natural instinct perfected since the beginning of time.

  7. Excellent! I'm a fan of Brene Brown also…Rising Strong was definitely a game changer for me personally. I love the "take a leap and the net will appear" idea. 12.16.13 was our leap day and although it was the scariest day ever we've never regretted it for one second. Every week I learn something new and valuable from your videos – Thank you, Sunny!

  8. Great recap of your SXSW experience Sunny! I love the idea about "if they're not in the arena, their opinion doesn't matter anyway." That's powerful advice right there.

    And for the record, I've never once thought you were bragging. I've understood every time that you're sharing. So screw that guy.

  9. Following dreams- never easy, but always worth it. You're videos share such a strong positive message, worldwide! Helping so many people grow to reach their fullest of potentials- you deserve to be proud of your success so far Sunny. Very well done! As for the haters…common guys! Stop please. Support intellectualism …..or…. "jog on and watch some cat videos", please. Thank you- from the UK

  10. Thanks for sharing Sunny! I've been hearing about that event and you helped me understand more. Also, wanted you to know that you have helped me bunches in setting up my U Tube video. Keep doing what you are doing!!

  11. Haters gonna hate. Those people are pure jealous. Just look at you videos and how many likes and views you got. Thats a good sign that people enjoy your opinions. Keep those videos coming. Good luck

  12. Hey Sunny! Congrats for taking action and living your dreams. You are so right that the format for this video was very relatable. I felt like I went to Texas with you! Hope to see you around on Blab again real soon Sunny. Thanks!

  13. People who write those emails are just jealous. You have no idea, how many people told us or mean that we do what we do because we've just too much time. We don't take it serious, because we know they only care about themselves. They don't look at right or left if they have to cross a street. And that's exactly how they live their life.

  14. I commented before I even finished watching it. I'm thinking we have a similar belief structure. I'm in love with Anika's new word, that's my new word! Serentention!!!! It was serendipitous that I watched this video, but we too have a "gathering" I need to see if we can't get an "invite" to Overland expo in Arizona. Pretty sure it's the equivalent to your SXSW for our world. Thank you again. I appreciate your authenticity!

  15. Thank you. I think I clicked on this video because I needed to hear what you had to say, about what Renea had to say. Just had a frustrating experience at work, and I was already feeling what you said, but hearing someone else experience it too, well thank you. I have those key people, but they are time zones apart.

  16. It was SO awesome to meet you during SXSW. I still have to laugh at how it happened, however — that's SXSW for you! Love all of the lessons you brought home with you. I can't tell you the number of "serendipitous" moments that have happened because of all of the hard work and leaps of faith that I've taken. Keep up all the hard work, chica!! 🙂 2016 is going to ROCK! Let's leap!

  17. Loved the use of the teddy Roosevelt quote as a filter for the value of someone's opinion. Also, never would have thought of you relaying the fruits of hard work and risk-taking as "bragging"

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