Snapchat launches ad marketplace for Discover partners & brings Commercials to Ads Manager

Snapchat is rolling out two new beta programs this week. Starting July 31, a small group of its Discover partners will be able to monetize their content with the launch of Snap Private Marketplace (Snap PMP). The company is also making its six-second, non-skippable Commercials ads available via its self-serve ad platform for 100 select advertisers.

Snap Private Marketplace

The Snap PMP beta program allows Discover partners to offer ad inventory via the app’s Ads Manager. Snap PMP includes the full benefits of the app’s programmatic ad platform, with ad targeting options, metrics and dynamic pricing. Both Snap Ads and Commercials will be available via the Snap PMP now that Commercials can be bought through the Ads Manager.

Discover partners involved in the Snap PMP beta program include BuzzFeed, Condé Nast, Hearst Magazines Digital Media, NBCU, Tastemade, Vertical, Viacom and VICE. As part of the PMP platform, the Discover channels will be able to create “bundles of content” for ad opportunities, have more control over ad pricing and choose which advertisers have access to their ads.

Snapchat says its PMP program does not replace any existing Discover tools or partner offerings already in place.

Commercials come to Ads Manager

Along with the Snap PMP beta, the app is also selling its six-second video Commercials programmatically via its self-serve platform. Previously, the video ad spots that run in the app’s premium Shows content could only be purchased through a Snapchat salesperson — but, starting August 1, a select list of advertisers will be able to purchase Commercials via Snap’s Ads Manager. (The option to buy Commercials via a Snapchat salesperson will still be available to all advertisers.)

Snapchat first rolled out its Commercials ad offering in April of this year. The spots run exclusively within the app’s TV-like premium content called Shows that are featured in the Discover section of the site. Show episodes usually run three to five minutes in length and include a wide variety of content, from animated programs to documentaries, scripted drama or comedies.

Snapchat says it is now running 30 Shows each week globally — up from the five shows it was running this time last year.

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