Settling the (Quality) Score – Google Best Practices

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This Hangout on Air covers what advertisers should know about Quality Score. The quality of your ads is measured to provide both users and advertisers with a good experience. Learn about the important elements of ads quality and how you can improve your Quality Score.


12 thoughts on “Settling the (Quality) Score – Google Best Practices”

  1. This was so easy to understand. Contrary to Petr below, I had to speed it up to 1.25 as I get easily distracted. I have a question though and I hope you will respond. Quality Score is defined as A measure of how relevant your ad is to users based on expected CTR, ad relevance, and landing page experience. This is different from the Keyword Quality Score (1-10) that I see in one of my columns?

  2. Hi Sean, thanks for the informative tutorial. I have a question to ask.

    In the "Settling the (Quality) Score" section you speak about Quality Score and Ad Rank. It is clear what kind of role the QS plays for the advertiser, however for me it isn't clear about the role of the "Ad Rank". What does it exactly mean "Ad Rank"?

    Does it mean that Google determines by that at which position to place the ad or what? Or by "Ad Rank" Google decides whether the ad is relevant to show for a particular search query? I just still didn't get what is the role and importance of "Ad Rank" for the advertiser.


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