27 thoughts on “reddit Mod Tutorials: Episode 1 – The Basics with Kristine Fasnacht (/u/krispykrackers)”

  1. How to be a reddit mod step 1 be under the age of 20 step 2 be a political partisan communists are preferred but you can be a neo nazi too if you are quiet step 3 be a narcissist and a hypocrite step 4 ban everyone you want you are the god of the sub.

  2. Step one, blindly ban everyone that has an opinion that you don't like, no matter how civil the discourse is.
    Step two, mute them from messaging moderators for 3 days when they try to refute you.
    Step three, follow the person you banned and muted around to every other subreddit they post in, belittle them, make sure to use ad hominem pejoratives improperly for extra lols.

  3. This video only explains how to create a subreddit page. It doesn't cover anything about subreddit moderation. It's weird that I can't find any tutorials on how to moderate a subreddit page. I wonder why that is.

  4. I'm not sure what qualifications Kristine Fasnacht has to be community manager or her previous position manager of client relations as her LinkedIn profile lists the only experience previous to that–professional or academic–as a Mormon registered nurse.

  5. I'm a mod of /r/AnarchistNews, but we don't have an AOP in place so we don't know when to arbitrarily ban people for using words like "drama" or "lame."  Could you possibly do a vid explaining how to make an AOP and how to enforce it using double standards?  Also, why are federali maoists allowed to control /r/Anarchism?  That's a pretty choice keyword for them to control on Reddit simply because they happened to squat it first.

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