27 thoughts on “reddit.com Interviews PZ Myers”

  1. 0:00 – What should scientists be doing to aid atheist causes?
    1:54 – Do your academic relationships suffer from your outspoken atheism?
    2:53 – Evangelical Atheism vs. Evangelical Christianity
    4:06 – Are you feeding the trolls? Ken Ham, Comfort, etc.
    5:07 – Do personal/local relationships suffer from outspoken atheism?
    6:30 – Postmodernism/Relativity
    7:31 – Corporations in Research
    9:07 – Atheism Momentum
    10:45 – Advice to aspiring scientists/UMM
    12:49 – Outspoken
    13:50 – Reddit

  2. I find PZs last question a bit baffling. Free speech and open dialog destroys bullshit, its only when we allow people to silence others or to plug their ears do pockets of bullshit form. Maybe this outlook of his explains recent internet disputes.

  3. I think the general consensus is that he was a deist. Then what did Einstein mean when he said 'God doesn't play dice'? But let's ignore that for now. I don't think you truly understood my point. He could be easily replaced by any religious scientist.

  4. Many Christians don't take it literally. They constantly redevelop the book they've created. It's nothing new. Some religious doctrine actually empowered women. Buddism, certain sects of Jainism, Sikhism, Sufism (which is a related to Islam) and Hinduism. Actually our 'western society' benefited greatly from some religious ideology. The protestant worth ethic, the successes of Martin Luther contributed a lot to our 'enlightenment'. It's an interesting study. How old are you by the way?

  5. Well now if we really want to talk about Muslim contributions to scientific development – I suggest you look up the development of our numeral system. What about the stars? Islam experienced a scientific dark age, like Christianity. Keep in mind the whole attachment of religion to scientific successes I find problematic, but of course I'm arguing from your framework.

  6. See now the stats you mentioned does that include agnostics? What percentage? If Atheism makes scientists great – then how do we explain the successes of people that are associated with a particular religion? You're argument is very similar to Hitchens. Keep in mind Atheism also ranges. I feel the scientific process is more significant to the success of modern science than atheism. Keep in mind that I don't have a belief in a supernatural being

  7. I suggest you look into the early development of India and how heavily Hindu orthodox congress pissed off many Muslims. What does one have to do with the other? How can we explain the 20%? Religious beliefs are more complex than you think. It may serve as a 'identity' or a part of a overall 'culture'. As I said there are degrees to which people believe. Albert Einstein believed in god, but did that make him a great physicist? Steven Hawking Atheists, but did that make him a great physicist?

  8. I know. I'm Indian. I mentioned three of the most prominent religions in India. Many sects sure, but why do we categorize them as 'Hindu' or 'Muslim' or 'Sikh'. Common set of beliefs that groups them together – branching cultures or religions is the geo-sociological term. We were talking about individual religious beliefs and now we've changed it to secular beliefs? Even the secularism in India is heavily debated.

  9. Religious beliefs or devotion range from moderate to fundamental extremes. Indians have contributed greatly to the health sciences. Many of them are Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. I don't think non-belief in a deity in any way contributes to academic/scientific/technologic performance/successes.

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