Interviews Congressman Dennis Kucinich

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Congressman Dennis Kucinich answers the top questions from AKA: reddit Interviews Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Ask Kucinich Anything. from politics

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22 thoughts on “ Interviews Congressman Dennis Kucinich”

  1. Ron Paul actually is actually a lot farther left than he says he is. He may say that he's a Republican but he's actually extremely socially Liberal. He advocates the legalization drugs, supports gay marriage, and he doesn't support the war in the Middle East. He may be fiscally conservative but he's definitely socially left

  2. Wow he has an extremely odd way of talking and answering these questions. Super deadpan humor. But either way I agree with most everything he said. It's hard to have optimism though when we've seen almost no real change with the core problems with the country.

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